Entering Kabbalah

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To be in the image of a human

From the Zohar, 1:13b [Daniel Matt's Translation, page 94]

If one cares for the poor wholeheartedly, their image never mutates from that of Adam...

Daniel Matt explains this:
By following the commandment of caring for the poor, one imitates God and regains the pristine divine image in which Adam was created.

My comments:
To imitate the divine, to aim for the highest values we can imagine, is at the heart of all good spiritual teaching. We know that we are supposed to care for the poor, fight for the oppressed, protect the weak.

How can we move motivate our minds to move our hearts and bodies to become the righteous person we aim to be?

I try to start with small acts of compassion. Today, while running, I passed some women who, by their garb, were clearly Muslim. I respectfully greeted them with my best "Asalam Aleikum" - "peace to you". As I continued past them I heard the pleasant surprise as they enthusiastically returned my greeting.

Everyone around us deserves to be recognized as a bearer of the divine. In that we can imitate our image of the creator in everything we do.